Reconnecting My Body and Mind

by Kim

How often have you driven to work and not remembered the drive? You planned dinner for the night. You ran through your “To Do” list. You were just on autopilot. You go every day, so you just know how to get there. You don’t really have to think about it. You just do it.

Or how about brushing your teeth each night? Do you consciously think about each tooth, scrubbing away the remnants of dinner? Or does your mind wander to what someone said at work that day and after a few minutes when your mouth is full of foam, you realize you need to spit and move on with the bedtime routine?

These are forms of dissociation. Our bodies are able to complete tasks while our minds are doing something else. While these are very mild (and common) examples of day-to-day dissociation, those who experience severe abuse often have much more extreme levels of dissociation. I am one of those people.Read More »

Taking Back My Power….. From My Therapist(s)

By Kim

How often have you given your power away? How many times have you believed that a therapist, a doctor, a priest, a guru, a teacher, a healer, or even a lover could save you? That they could somehow do for you what you couldn’t do for yourself? That they somehow had the power to fix what was broken? But you didn’t.

I’ve done it. Many times. According to Albert Einstein, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. So when is enough enough?Read More »

How the Mind is Programmed with Fear and How Love Will Set You Free

By Shanon

I am an engineer. Since the time I was a child I was gifted in numbers, logic, analysis, and reasoning. I am a problem solver. I spent 6 years of college studying engineering and earned two degrees. I spent 7 years in the consulting industry engineering software systems. I am now a yoga and meditation teacher, but I am still an engineer. I am just solving a different kind of problem and I have a different toolbox at my disposal.

I engineer the human mind.Read More »

Saying Goodbye to Fear and Hello to Love

By Kim

I was born into a world of fear. A darkness that was blinding. My family of birth held deep, dark secrets. To the outside world I was part of a “perfect” upper-middle class family, but the inside truth was a torturous existence.

I was part of a dark cult hidden behind the facades of the church. By day I was taught to follow the teachings of Jesus and that strict adherence to religious rules were the only path to salvation. At night, behind closed doors, was an evil that is unimaginable to most. My days were filled with lessons that instilled fear that any mistake I might make could land me in hell. My nights involved rituals and sacrifices geared to gain the favor and power of dark Satanic forces. It was hell.Read More »